6 Things I Learned After Losing My Dad

By |October 7th, 2020|Blog|0 Comments

This is going to be a very different blog post than the ones I usually write. I’m going to get personal and I hope that’s okay with you. I’m going to share what I’ve learned and how my perspective has changed since my father’s recent and unexpected death.

So let me fill you in if you haven’t already heard. My father, Gary Garcia, had a massive stroke on Monday, August 10th. After being airlifted to a hospital in Baltimore, MD, he was in the ICU for a week. He was unconscious and minimally responsive the entire time with a breathing and feeding tube in. On Sunday, August 16th, just after the breathing and feeding tubes were removed, my father passed away while my sister and I held his hands. My father was only 72 years old and in relatively good health before the stroke. As I’m sure you can imagine, my […]