If you feel overwhelmed by keeping up with clutter and disorganization in your home, you’re not alone. As a professional organizer, I hear from clients all the time that they try so hard to do it all, but it’s a challenge. Some clients have tried to get organized on their own and just didn’t have the right approach. Others feel like it will be too difficult of a project and continue to put it off. But my 17 years of work with clients is proof that it’s worth making that initial phone call! So today I’m sharing what I’ve seen and heard from clients to show you why it’s a good idea to hire a professional organizer.

We Are Here To Support You

So many people today are busy and stressed out. You’re an employee and a parent, you volunteer, you try to eat right and workout, keep up with friends and family, and also keep the house organized. It’s a lot! Even so, many people feel embarrassed by asking for help. Many of my clients are women who feel overwhelmed and don’t have enough help or support. They feel like asking for help means that they have somehow failed. This isn’t the case! Think of it like any other aspect of life where you utilize the assistance of a professional. If you aren’t able to find the time to clean your home, you hire a cleaner. When your goal is to become more fit, you find a personal trainer. During tax season, you hire a bookkeeper to do your taxes. Partnering with a professional gives you guidance, motivation, and support. When you hire a professional organizer, you get access to someone who knows what products will work in your space and how to make it functional.

We Understand The Struggle

I know that some people may feel nervous about hiring an organizer and feel like they are going to be judged. I never want clients to feel like they are less than! I have kids and understand that life gets busy and things get messy. Even with years of experience and know-how, I still find it challenging to keep the house up. I have kids that don’t always put their stuff away and we have items we don’t use. I totally understand that it’s a lot to manage a home when you have so many other things in your life going on. Everyone deals with the cycle of wanting to find the time to declutter and get organized, but then when you have time, it feels overwhelming and not productive. I’ve talked with many clients who have tried to get organized on their own but were not sure where to begin. Then they found themselves right back where they started.

We Create Space & Function

Many clients will tell me that they need to remodel their home or that they need more space to get organized. That’s not always the case! I have had several clients say that they didn’t realize how much space they actually had until we completed an organizing project. It just needed to be set up in a way that’s functional. If you think your kitchen and pantry are too small with not enough storage space, let me prove you wrong! With the right products, you can make it work. You don’t need more space. You need more function. I know what the best products to use are because I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve tried almost everything! Over the years, I’ve done such a variety of different organizing jobs and I’ve figured out what truly works.

We Help You Let Go of What You Don’t Need

There is definitely some psychology that goes into the process of getting organized. When you hire a professional organizer, it can be like getting a personal coach, therapist, and organizer all in one. People tend to form emotional attachments to the items they own, and sometimes need some help to figure out what they truly use, need, and love. I know what questions to ask you to determine what you should keep, what you can get rid of, and how you use your space. If you’re left with some unwanted items, I can help you get rid of them (check out My Complete List of the Best Places to Donate Your Unwanted Stuff). I’ll help you organize what’s left so that you have easy access to everything you use and love. My goal is to make your space easy to maintain so you aren’t constantly battling clutter. Things will be easy to put away, and you’ll have room to grow.

We Get Things Done Quickly

After nearly every single first session with a new client, I hear “I can’t believe how much we got done!!”. I love hearing this kind of feedback from clients. The process of decluttering and organizing really does go faster when you have an expert working with you to get things done. I have a client who had a room in her home that she called the “Room of Doom”. She was certain we would never get to it because it was such a mess and it would take too long to clean out and organize. We ended up tackling it on the first day we met and completed the entire room in just a few hours. When we were done, she said she wished she had called sooner. She’s not alone — I hear this quite a bit from clients when we are done with a project. They put off asking for help due to being embarrassed or thinking that they don’t have the time to get organized. The process is easier and quicker than you might think! When you hire a professional organizer, you have help getting to your goal. I hear so often that clients feel lighter because things are easy to use, put away, and maintain after we complete a project together.

We Are Trained And Experienced Professionals

I am a proud member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). I’ve taken classes, listened to podcasts on organizing, and have a genuine interest in organizing and helping people become more productive. Just like any other expert that you might work with, when you hire a professional organizer you want to know that they understand how to help you. I’ve completed so many different types of projects with clients that I know what products work the best. I have the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals. And I understand your feeling of overwhelm because I’m a busy mom too! But I can help you get organized and stay organized.

Don’t feel alone or embarrassed. Life is busy, and hiring a professional organizer may be just what you need to get rid of unwanted stuff, find the potential in your space, and enjoy it! If you’re ready for some help with tackling your organization project, I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me at (267) 970-0769 or dawn@dgorganizing.com.

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