If you’ve been struggling with your closet organization plan, this blog series will be just what you need! Maybe you’ve looked on Pinterest for inspiration. Or you’ve been to The Container Store for products but aren’t sure what will fit best in your closet. Everyone’s closet is a different size and shape and everyone has different needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for closets, so thinking through some things prior to starting will help you get just the closet that you need.

Before you worry about starting to purge and organize your clothes, let’s take a look at your closet layout first. Planning the layout will help you make the most of your space.

Assess Your Space

The first step in your planning should be to decide if you are going to use your existing closet or remove it and start from scratch. Think through the factors that will affect your plans. Do you rent or own? If you rent, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a closet that’s built for your needs. You just need to plan accordingly. What’s your budget? You might decide to look for budget-friendly options or you might choose to splurge on your dream closet. Do you plan on staying in your home for several years? If a move is in your near future, choose an option that can move with you.

If you decide to keep your existing layout and make it work better, ask yourself a few questions that will help you determine what you need to add or change in your closet organization plan. Do you need another rod for hanging clothes? Do you need more shelves or drawers for folded clothes? How do you want to store your shoes?

Or your plan may be to rip out your current closet and create a custom layout. Do you want shelves with baskets for storage? Do you need more drawer space or hanging space? How much room do you need for shoes and accessories? Think about the proximity of your closet to your bathroom. Do you want to include storage for towels and bathroom supplies?

Hanging Clothes

If you’re looking to add more hanging space in your closet organization plan, there are a couple of options to look at. When your closet size is limited, one thing that works well is a double-hanging rod. You may have a closet layout that allows you to install a 2nd rod so you can have two rows of hanging clothes. If your closet isn’t able to support a 2nd rod (or you just don’t want to install one!) you can add an adjustable hanging rod. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to create more hanging space.

When you’re planning a custom layout, consider the type of clothes you have to hang. Do you need to plan space to hang longer clothing? Do you have room for double-hanging rods? What about the placement of the rod? You could have a rod installed at the top of your closet so you have room below for shelving or drawers. You can install a rod on the bottom half of your closet so that the top half has room for open cubbies, baskets, or accessory storage.

Shelf Space

Adding shelf space to your closet is a great way to accommodate folded clothes. If your current closet consists of a single rod and nothing else, add a floor-based shelving system. This will give you more room for items like sweaters or sweatshirts. If you have smaller items that are better off in a basket, use canvas bins to keep items tidy. Don’t forget to measure before you buy any bins! If adding shelves isn’t an option, try this hanging organizer to create cubbies that are perfect for your folded clothes.

When you think about your custom closet organization plan, what would you utilize shelf space for? Do you need shelves for jeans, sweatshirts, and workout clothes? Maybe you want some shelves up high for seasonal clothes or for luggage storage. You can also utilize shelf space for items like purses, wallets, and hats.

Drawer Space

Drawer storage is important in any closet organization plan. Items that don’t sit on a shelf easily will be more suited for drawers. Think of all your smaller items like socks, underwear, and bathing suits. If your closet is lacking drawer space, add a freestanding drawer unit. Many single drawer options are stackable so you can customize the number of drawers based on your needs.

If you have a large walk-in closet, you may have room to add a custom dresser to your closet organization plan. Look for something with varying drawer depths that can accommodate different clothing types so you have the right amount of drawer space. If you plan to incorporate drawers in your closet, spring-loaded drawer dividers can help keep things organized. You can also add drawer organizers to keep things orderly.

Shoe Space

If you’re frustrated by a pile of shoes on your closet floor, don’t worry. There are many options for great-looking shoe storage that does your shoe collection justice! These shoe cubbies are a little wider than average so that you can fit most pairs of shoes side by side. A hanging organizer like this one is great for heels. If you have more shoes than your closet space will allow, consider keeping out-of-season shoes or infrequently worn shoes in an under-the-bed shoe organizer.

If you’re looking to splurge on your custom closet organization plan, use slanted shelves for shoe storage. This makes it easy to see everything and it looks high-end! Straight shelves and cubbies also work great for shoes and boots.

Wall and Door Space

Don’t forget to think about underutilized areas in or near your closet. Blank wall space is perfect for hooks. Small hooks are best for bracelets or necklaces. Wider hooks can hold scarves, purses, and belts. Do you have enough wall space for a wall-mounted mirror? If not, look at the back of your closet door, or even your bedroom door. If space is scarce in your closet, use this over the door rack for shoe and accessory storage.

Taking some time to think through your closet organization plan before purchasing products or investing in a custom solution will make the next steps easier. If you’re going all out and designing the closet of your dreams, make sure you know just what type of storage you need. If you’re working with what you have, decide what supplemental items give you the best storage space for your clothes. Are you looking for help creating a closet organization plan? Let me know! You can reach me at (267) 970-0769 or dawn@dgorganizing.com.

The next blog in this series will tackle purging any unwanted items from your closet. Then you can create an inventory of what you have left so you’re ready to get everything back in your newly planned closet! And if you are interested in more organization tips, check out How To Create More Storage Space In Your Home.

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