One thing I hear frequently from clients is that they need more storage space in their home. I see so many common areas in homes that are almost always underutilized when it comes to storage and functionality. There are a ton of ways to create more storage space even when you think you don’t have any! I have some great tips to help you add more storage and organize these underutilized areas of your home.

To create more storage in your kitchen:

  • If the side of your refrigerator is exposed you likely can create a lot of storage out of this underutilized spot.  Add magnetic organizers to hold papers and mail that tends to accumulate on kitchen counters, as well as pens, coupons, and other items that you access often.
  • When you are short on kitchen cabinet space, use a wall or cabinet door mounted spice rack. It can be easily installed on the inside of a kitchen cabinet, pantry door, or on the wall. This is an option that makes it easy to see what you have and grab what you need. You can also swap out your spice bottles for matching glass bottles with stylish labels to elevate the look.
  • The interior of a door is also the perfect place to create a command center for your home. Add a dry erase board or a bulletin board to help you keep organized. You can add adhesive hooks, a calendar, or wall pockets for a place to keep things organized and handy but out of sight.
  • Corner kitchen cabinets and corner shelves in a pantry are often difficult for many people to fully utilize. Oftentimes adding a large lazy susan to a corner turns a hard-to-access space into a fully functioning storage area. Lazy susans also work great in the pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets, especially on higher shelves that are difficult to reach.
  • The inside of kitchen cabinets is a great place to add a magnetic strip or Command spring clips where you can keep a grocery list or your favorite recipes. Adhesive paper pockets also work well in this spot. Keeping frequently accessed items handy but out of sight is a great way to maximize your kitchen’s storage space.
  • If you find that you have plastic grocery bags everywhere, use the Simple Human bag holder. These are easy to mount on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door or a wall.
  • If you have space above your kitchen cabinets and desperately need more storage space, use decorative baskets to store kitchen items that you don’t use frequently.
  • Finding storage space for clunky grill tools can be tricky. If you have a base cabinet in your kitchen that has a half shelf in the back, you have a perfect spot to hang them. Add some adhesive hooks inside your cabinet to keep grill tools out of the way but handy for when you need them. If you don’t have this kind of base cabinet you likely can carve out a little space in your pantry or another nearby area to hang grill tools.
  • The cabinet under your sink can seem almost like a waste of space. Use my favorite clear stacking drawers for items like sponges or extra dish gloves and scouring pads. (These drawers work great under a bathroom sink, too!) If your dish gloves always end up in a pile on your kitchen counter, use this extra-large Command spring clip to hang your dish gloves inside the cabinet.

Ways to create more storage for the bedroom:

  • It’s often forgotten, but under your bed can be a great way to gain storage space in your home. Most of my clients will tell you that at our first meeting together I got on my hands and knees to peek under their bed to see if we could use the space for out-of-season clothing, extra linens, or large bags.  Under bed drawers with wheels, plastic storage bins with lids, and fixed pull out drawers are all great ways to maximize the space underneath beds. If you don’t want to see the drawers or bins be sure to add a bed skirt, and if you need extra height under the bed to store items consider adding bed lifts.
  • One of my favorite custom projects with a client was to create a spot for all of her necklaces. We mounted cork board tiles on a large board, covered it with linen fabric, and mounted it to a small unused corner of her closet. I used thumbtacks to hang her necklaces to create a perfect spot for her to easily see everything in one place. I have also done this on a smaller scale using clear mini Command hooks. Whether it’s in your closet or behind a door, small hooks can create a spot like this for you to hang necklaces or other jewelry.
  • My kids and I both have this simple bedside caddy attached to our beds. It’s the perfect spot for magazines, tablets, remotes, pens, or whatever else might otherwise clutter your nightstand.  This caddy also makes a fantastic gift for a college-bound student.
  • If your bedroom closet has just one high clothing rod, you can easily create more usable space without having to tackle an entire remodel project. Add a closet rod doubler to create a lower rod for more clothing storage. These hang from your upper rod and can double your hanging space! You can also add things like hanging shoe shelves, hanging sweater organizers, and elfa door racks to hold shoes, handbags, and accessories.

When you need to create more storage in the garage:

  • If your garage is lacking in storage space and you have high ceilings, a HyLoft storage rack may be the answer. These mount to the ceiling and have a platform that works great for storing bins and oversized items. This is a perfect spot for seasonal items like patio furniture or holiday decorations that you don’t need to access often.  If you are concerned about lifting heavy items up above you while on a ladder the Racor garage ceiling lift is a great solution. The storage platform raises and lowers with a crank making loading and unloading items easy.
  • The walls of a garage can easily be utilized to store just about anything. My go-to garage storage solution is the Gladiator wall system and it’s what I have in my home.  The Gear Wall panels are like heavy-duty slatwall and work with a huge variety of hooks, baskets, and accessories to transform your garage and get just about anything up on the wall. What I love about this system is I can purchase additional hooks and accessories as needed at Lowe’s, Sears, or Amazon. It’s a great system that can easily adapt to your family’s changing needs.
  • Bikes always seem to be in the way in a garage. A bike lift is great for keeping them accessible but out of the way of your car or any other project going on in your garage. We have these in our garage to keep the adult bikes out of the way year-round since they aren’t used as often. The bikes are so easy to get down, my 7 year old son loves to do it for me when we go on rides together.

Storage Tips for Anywhere:

  • You can easily create more storage space on just about any door by using a hanging door rack such as the elfa door rack from The Container Store. This door rack comes in two widths to accommodate standard doors as well as the very narrow ones (like my tiny pantry door). If you want a less expensive option, an over the door shoe pocket organizer works great for so much more than shoes. You can store hats, gloves, sunblock, craft supplies, and so much more in these versatile and inexpensive organizers.
  • Speaking of doors, did you know that many newer homes have a metal fire-rated door leading from your house to your garage? This door is usually painted to look like any other door but if you place a magnet on it and it sticks you will know it’s a fire-door that can also be used to keep you organized! You can add magnetic hooks, clips, pockets, and bins to store things you may need when running out the door. Storing masks, coupons, gift cards, and forms that you can’t forget to take with you are a great way to maximize your door. Even if you don’t have a metal fire-door, you can hang a bulletin board, hooks, and other accessories to create the same solution.
  • Hooks can be utilized in so many ways and are a very simple way to stay organized. Adding adhesive or screw in hooks in strategic locations can provide easy access to keys, coats, hats, dog leashes, and many other frequently accessed items. You can even use hooks to hang small fabric baskets for storing small and lightweight items. Hooks can go literally anywhere — the wall, the side of a dresser or bookcase, on the back of a door. And they are so helpful!
  • Don’t forget about vertical storage. I see many homes where everything from furniture to storage is hip-level and below. Furniture pieces like tall bookcases and armoires can help add more vertical storage space. Wall shelves can be added almost anywhere — in your closet, in the pantry, in your living room, and your bedroom. If you have wall space you likely can create storage just about anywhere!
  • Selecting furniture with built-in storage is one of the easiest ways to create extra space in a home. If you have space at the foot of your bed or near an entryway a storage bench can magically add tons of extra storage in an easy to access location. These come in so many different styles and colors it’s likely you will find one that suits your taste. In addition, if you need extra storage space on a deck or patio for cushions, pool supplies or outdoor toys an outdoor storage box is a great solution.

A few strategically placed storage bins, door racks, and hooks can make it feel like your space is working better for you! Take a walk through your home and identify which areas feel bare or useless, and I bet that there’s a solution that will make it feel more functional by creating more storage space! If you’re interested in more tips to maximize your space, check out 11 Of The Best Kitchen And Pantry Organization Products.

What storage hack is your favorite? I’d love to hear! If you need help tackling your organization project, reach out to me at (267) 970-0769 or

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